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Puppy Socialising Adventure

We are immensely passionate about getting dogs out adventuring early in life, as it helps in the development of a social and well-rounded pet. We provide the opportunity to mix with other dogs and explore the wonderful world around us.


Our Puppy Socialising Adventure is tailored specifically for their developmental needs. The puppies are picked up from home and taken to one of many safe adventure locations. From there, they are provided with the opportunity to play with other pups and explore the sights and smells of the area. These will often include waterplay opportunities to encourage a confident relationship with water.

From the first adventure with us, your puppy will receive consistent obedience training to cement to training taking place at home.

This session is puppy focused and a great way to prepare them to join the older dog packs when they are ready.



Adventure walk (door to door) - $37

Two dogs (same family, same day) - $55