Do you ever find yourself too busy to get home in time to walk your dog? Do you always feel guilty that your pet's needs are not being met?   Don't worry! We're here to take care of your beloved pet. Get in touch so we can discuss the details and I can meet your furry friend.


At Tails on Trails we are not just any old dog walking service. We will come and collect your beloved pet from your home. They will be taken to one of the many exciting walking destinations, that we are  lucky enough to have right on our doorstep.  After at least an hour of running, wrestling, swimming and sniffing, your pooch will be returned happy and content for the rest of the day.   Your dog's safety is our first concern so we use GPS tracking collars for your (and our) peace of mind.


Puppies are unable to join our main adventure groups until they are 9 - 10 months old, to protect the development of the joints and bones during this growth phase.  However we know how important it is for your pup to socialise and experience as many different things as possible, which is why we offer a puppy adventure session. 

This is a session which is puppy focused.  That means they will have the opportunity to play with other puppies, experience new and exciting places, and receive some basic obedience training.  This is a great way to get them ready to join the older dog packs when they are ready.  Great care is taken with their safety as we know their recall training is still being cemented.  


Adventure walk (door to door) - $35
Two dogs (same family, same day) - $50


Contact us if you’re keen to get started and we’ll email you the registration information, then we can arrange a convenient time to meet both you and your pooch.  If you’re then happy with us and confident with the service we offer we can go from there and book in what you need.