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The lead adventurist

and explorer extraordinaire

As the Director of Tails on Trails, I have a vision to improve the wellbeing of as many dogs as possible. 


My love of the outdoors, coupled with an adventurous spirit and natural ease with dogs, is the perfect combination for my Adventure Specialist role.


With a Bachelor of Science in Zoology coupled with over 20 years of dog handling experience, I take this role very seriously.

I am currently studying for an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Psychology.  


I only want what is best for all dogs, with the care of each dog being my utmost priority.  I go to great lengths to ensure the safety of all dogs in our packs.

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Experience Dog Trainer

and Behavioural Specialist

Nick is a wealth of knowledge and a true asset to the Tails on Trails team.


With over 10 years’ experience of working with dogs and accredited as a professional dog trainer, Nick’s passion is clear to see when you meet him.

He has a soft spot for rescue dogs and a resounding commitment to his clients that results in an exceptional resume of helping dogs and owners achieve success.  


Nick loves nothing more than the challenge of solving behavioural problems to increase the wellbeing of dogs, and assisting owners to connect with their beloved pets.

Nick is fully committed to providing his Tails on Trails clients’ the best possible experience whilst in his care.

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Professionally trained

to care for your dog

Charlie has perfect credentials for the Tails on Trails team. 


Her qualifications include an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Animal Management.


She has had many years’ experience working with dogs and enjoys providing exercise, socialisation and enrichment for dogs of all ages, stages and breeds.


Charlie's commitment to animal welfare is second to none.  What more can I say… she is ideal for the Adventure Specialist role!


On top of this, Charlie is a super-friendly person, with the kindest heart, who has a love of the outdoors.  I’m sure when you meet her, you’ll agree. 

Tails on Trails employs two wonderful, dog-loving Adventure Specialists and we work as a team to get more dogs out adventuring with us, in a safe and responsible manner.

The Tails on Trails team is focused on the wellbeing of each dog and providing the best possible adventure experience.  Each of us has a very high standard in dog welfare and care, and you can be assured that your dog will be in safe and loving hands.